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The strongest waterproof and sweatproof lace glue on the market, with up to a 4-week hold.

Everlasting Melt Paste Lace Glue

  • Clean skin with rubbing alcohol.

    Apply a skin protectant.

    Once the skin is dry, apply a thin layer of glue until it dries clear. You can apply as many layers as you like but 3 is a MAX hold.

    Tie down and let cure for about 15 minutes before adding any hair spray.

    When you’re ready to remove use 91% alcohol. (Please do not apply on hairline. Apply on the skin before the hairline.)

  • Everyone's body chemistry is different and some people may have oilier skin than others. If this is the case, the adhesive may break down over time due to bodily oils. It is important to read the ingredients and conduct a patch test before using the product on your forehead. We are not responsible for allergic reactions as everyone's body chemistry is unique.

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